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More SnK cosplay tips from me, although I can’t take full credit.

Green-makakas is a cosplay pair from Germany and one of them shared a tip on using elastic bands for the harness and straps.


For me it was definitely cheaper and easier to buy elastics rather than leather/ belt straps.

What I used specifically was 3/4” Black Non-Roll Ribbed Elastic and it came in a 36 yards roll for $11 ($0.31/yard) - wholesale baby. I’m not too sure how much I ended up using. There is a lot left. With 36 yards you probably can do 2 full harnesses for average size person (fyi, I’m 160ish - 5’3” on the thinner side)
2 suspender clips - $0.80/piece from a local fabrics store
1 parachute clip - $1 I think? It came in a pack of 3 from Michael’s store
hot gun glue and glue sticks

I used this reference pic from the manga to just lay it out on my 1:1 duct tape manequin. <alternatively, you could ask somebody to help you do it on your own body and use pins and white pencil to mark the needed point of connection>.

Trying to keep it to as few individual straps as possible, I ended up with 4 separate elastics (red, orange, green and purple) + 2 more for the horizontal thigh straps + 1 short blue piece/per one leg. Meaning double the number for the whole bottom harness.
- 1 purple - waist strap connected by a parachute clip and is the connecting piece to others.
- 2 red - long strap ending with suspender clips to attach from the front
- 2 orange - medium length strap hot glued at the back to the purple waist strap
- 2 green short straps that connect the red and orange at the back of your knee
- 2 blue straps that are additional connection from orange to purple (see the manga reference pic) -> more for aesthetic purposes than any practicalities.

Everything is connected by hot glue + extra hand stitches just to make sure it doesn’t fall apart. I don’t own a sewing machine so I had to sew by hand.

Final notes:

1) I initially did this cosplay with the decision of NOT doing the 3dmg. If I knew I would end up doing the 3dmg anyway, I’d probably leave the thigh straps out of the above harness making process and use them as the extra support for the 3dmg blade sheaths (you know, to hold them in place by the thigh).

2) the elastic belt [the purple thingy] doesn’t go through your pant’s belt loops. it actually goes underneath it. So, you basically end up wearing two waist belts, the normal one and the elastic one. You can’t really see the elastic one because it’s underneath that black waist cloth.

3) Alternatively, you could always do without the purple waist belt and the blue small straps and opt to add suspender clips to the orange pieces (like the red one) and just connect them to your regular belt.

4) cut the individual straps longer than they need to be, connect them and then cut off the excess.

5) I first used regular gift wrapping wide ribbon as a trial and then cut the elastics to the length of the ribbons

6) the harness is made of elastics, it will stretch and adjust to your movements. my advice is, make the harness so it’s actually a tighter fit but not tight enough to make you feel uncomfortable or cut off your blood circulation.

General Pros:
- fits your body and adjusts to it
- easy to put on - takes me maybe 30secons -1 minute every time <yes I timed :D>
General Cons:
- if you hot glue everything together it means you only have one chance to get it right since it’s really a huge hassle to re-adjust it later on.
- The harness looks nice by default but it’s sexier if it’s made out of leather (my own opinion)

Sorry about the chaotic post.

3DMG general tips

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